The Advantages of Wireless Security

For some homeowners, traditional security systems might seem cumbersome. Many people don’t like the idea of drilling through their walls and altering their home’s beauty. Fortunately, wireless alarm equipment can be installed without damaging a home’s interior.

ADT monitored wireless alarm systems are capable of increasing the security of your home without all of the wires and holes that traditional systems require. Wireless alarm equipment has many benefits that you may not have realized, but the convenience and ease of wireless alarm installation may have you choosing a wireless system.


Unlike a wired system, wireless alarm equipment has the ability to adapt and adhere to your changing needs. If you find that you need to change the location of your sensors or cameras, you can easily relocate them without much hassle. A wireless alarm installation from a company like ADT doesn’t mean that your equipment has to remain in one place permanently. You can customize the location of your wireless alarm equipment at any time.


Another great benefit of ADT monitored wireless alarm systems is that they give you the ability to expand your system when you feel the need for more protection. Add another motion detector near a basement window or put another camera outside of the back door. You designate the amount of security you want when you use wireless alarm equipment.

Eliminate Electrical Worries

ADT monitored wireless home alarms use batteries. This means that you don’t have to pick and choose the most discrete locations for wiring. Keep the aesthetic of your home the same, and enjoy easy wireless alarm installation due to the fact that you don’t have to worry about drilling or hook-ups.

Get Wireless Alarm Equipment Today

If you are interested in local ADT monitored alarms, a wireless system might be the best option for you. Wireless alarm cost is affordable and incredibly convenient. Once you have one of the ADT monitored wireless alarm systems, you can take it with you to your next home too. It’s a security system that moves with you!

Backed by the quality and experience of ADT monitoring, your wireless alarm equipment will make security in your home better than ever before. Why hesitate? Make a change in your home security today!