The Functions of Alarm System Equipment

Alarm system equipment comes in many forms. There are several pieces of alarm equipment that come standard with most professional home security systems. Read this rundown of equipment functions to better familiarize yourself with how a security system can benefit you.

Alarm System Keypad

The alarm system keypad is the control center of most home security systems. This piece of equipment allows you to arm and disarm your system, along with modifying other settings. The alarm system keypad is where you and your family input your security code when entering and leaving.

Home Alarm Sensors

Home alarm sensors can be placed in areas of your home that you feel need to be monitored more intensely. If these sensors are activated by passing motion, they trigger your alarm system.

Although it might seem like home alarm sensors are a bad idea for households with pets, there are solutions for homes with furry friends. For instance, ADT monitored motion detectors can be placed at an angle that allows pets to pass safely, whether big or small.

Alarm System Cameras

Some systems, like those with ADT monitored alarm equipment, can come with cameras that give you the ability to see exactly what is going on at your home. With alarm system cameras, you can see who is at the door, dark areas outside, and more.

ADT monitored systems can have the added benefit of remote access. This means that no matter where you are, you can log onto a secure web portal or app and view video from your alarm system cameras.

Alarm System Decals

Although they may not seems like a particularly effective piece of equipment, alarm system decals can be extremely helpful in deterring intruders. As far as alarm system equipment goes, they are incredibly easy to install.

Alarm system decals make sure that passersby know that your home is backed by the protection of a security company. With companies like ADT, decals come standard with every package. Should anyone approach your home with negative intentions, the intruder might think twice knowing that they will have to face the obstacle of a security system.

Now that you have more knowledge on the basics of home alarm equipment, it should be easier for you to understand how a security system could work in your home. Professional options, such as ADT monitored alarm equipment, are installed by trained technicians who can further instruct you on how to use your alarm equipment, which can be beneficial for every member of the house!